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本文摘要:IT COST AN ESTIMATED $100 million to launch Sandra Bullock into space in Gravity and $40 million to turn back the clock in American Hustle. But not all the films up for Hollywoods top honors had such exorbitant budgets. A few of the short-documentary Academy Award nominees were made with cameras that look like something you might bring to the beach--with price tags that wont send you into a sweat.在电影《地心引力》(Gravity)里把桑德拉布洛克(Sandra Bullock)送来入太空估算花上了一亿美元(约合人民币6.13亿元),而在《美国骗局》(American Hustle)中让时光倒流花费的资金估算约4000万美元(约合人民币2.45亿元),然而并非所有竞逐好莱坞(Hollywood)最低荣誉的电影都有如此高昂的支出。

IT COST AN ESTIMATED $100 million to launch Sandra Bullock into space in Gravity and $40 million to turn back the clock in American Hustle. But not all the films up for Hollywoods top honors had such exorbitant budgets. A few of the short-documentary Academy Award nominees were made with cameras that look like something you might bring to the beach--with price tags that wont send you into a sweat.在电影《地心引力》(Gravity)里把桑德拉布洛克(Sandra Bullock)送来入太空估算花上了一亿美元(约合人民币6.13亿元),而在《美国骗局》(American Hustle)中让时光倒流花费的资金估算约4000万美元(约合人民币2.45亿元),然而并非所有竞逐好莱坞(Hollywood)最低荣誉的电影都有如此高昂的支出。取得奥斯卡奖(Academy Award)最佳纪录短片奖提名的几部片子所用的摄制器材,看起来跟你降下海滩的那种设备差不多――其标价签也会让你名门冷汗。My camera kit literally fits into a duffel bag, said Edgar Barens, the director of Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall . More compact, affordable equipment doesnt just keep budgets down; it can also enable a different type of movie making. To not have this huge technological thing on your shoulder, explained Mr. Barens, also breaks down that wall, making it easier for him to bond with his subjects.《牢狱的落幕:二等兵杰克霍尔的最后日子》(Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall)的编剧埃德加贝伦斯(Edgar Barens)说道:“我的整套摄影装备用一个行李袋就能装下。

”用更加灵活、更加实惠的设备拍电影某种程度能减少支出,还能让人展开一种别开生面的电影摄制。贝伦斯说明说道,不肩扛极大的技术设备,也再不可以超越藩篱,还能让他更容易与摄制的对象创建关系。No less impressive than the Oscar-nominated films being made for relatively small sums is what amateurs are able to capture with the smartphones in their pockets. As the price of cinema-quality gear drops and the consumer-level cameras advance, the barrier to making a high-quality film has never been lower. No matter what your skill set or budget, great tools are within reach.业余爱好者用他们兜里的智能手机摄制的东西,可以给人深刻印象,并不逊于较小成本制作的奥斯卡奖提名影片。

随着电影级画质设备价格的暴跌以及消费级摄像机器材品质的提高,妨碍拍电影出有高质量电影的门槛早已降至了历史最低点。不管你的综合技能或支出如何,好工具都是唾手可得的。We asked the pros to recommend gear appropriate for smartphone shooters and soon-to-be Oscar-contenders alike.我们请求专业人士引荐了以下设备,它们既合适手机党,也能符合将要竞逐奥斯卡奖的人。

Shoot steady. Nothing screams amateur home movie like shaky, nausea-inducing shots. Conrad Mess, a Spain-based filmmaker, has won several awards at the iPhone Film Festival. His favorite solution is the Lollipod ($50, lollipod.co.uk ), an ultra lightweight tripod that can also serve as a monopod or boom stand. You can pan or tilt very smoothly with it, he said. And it almost fits in your pocket.平稳摄制。没什么比起摇摇晃晃、令人反胃的镜头画面更加能指出一部影片的“业余家庭电影”身份了。

同住西班牙的电影制作人康拉德梅斯(Conrad Mess)在iPhone电影节(iPhone Film Festival)上好几次得奖。他最注目的解决方案是用自拍乐(Lollipod)三脚架(lollipod.co.uk上售价50美元(约合人民币306元)),这种超轻的三脚架也可以当又叫架或万向支架用于。“有了它,你可以很稳定地展开摇摄或弯曲镜头,”他说道,“而它完全可以放进你的口袋里。”Keep the camera moving. If you move the camera smoothly, you will get a much better, more pro look, said Mr. Mess. To get this effect, he recommended the Glidetrack Mobislyder ($95, mobislyder.com ). It includes five different mounts for attaching a smartphone or a small DSLR camera to a 12-inch track. Even though its relatively short, it can be used to pull off interesting tracking shots. Another solution is the Steadicam Smoothee ($150, tiffen.com ), a version of the stabilizing equipment used by the pros that is been scaled down for smartphones and small cameras. Just be sure not to overdo it with the motion. Movements with a cellphone should be mostly slow and smooth, Mr. Mess said.让摄像机动起来。

梅斯说道:“如果你稳定地移动摄像机,你不会有一个更佳、更加‘专业’的派头。”要获得这种效果,他引荐用于Mobislyder滑轨(mobislyder.com上售价95美元(约合人民币582元))。该滑轨有五种有所不同的底座,用来把智能手机或小型的数码单反相机(DSLR camera)加装到12英寸(约合30.48厘米)的轨道上。


Vary your lenses. The standard lens on your smartphone will only get you so far. For example, when shooting indoor scenes where you want to capture as much of the surroundings as possible, iPhone Film Festival co-founder Ruben Kazantsev said a wide-angle lens is ideal (he used one to film inside a police car for his latest film, Departure.) For iPhone shooters, he recommended the Smart Phocus 3 Lens Bundle ($110, smartphocus.com ). It includes a case that gives an iPhone a more camera-like grip and includes three detachable lenses: wide angle, macro and Telephoto.替换你的镜头。你的智能手机上的标准镜头不能让你施展这么一点能力了。iPhone电影节的联合创办人鲁边卡赞采夫(Ruben Kazantsev)说道,比如,当摄制室内场景时,你想要尽可能多地把环境都拍下来,用于广角镜头十分理想(他在摄制最近一部影片《离开了》(Departure)时就用了一支广角镜头来摄制警车内部的场景)。对于用iPhone手机拍电影的人,他引荐的是Smart Phocus 3镜头包在(Smart Phocus 3 Lens Bundle)(在smartphocus.com上的售价为110美元(约合人民币673元))。

这套镜头包在可以让iPhone极具照相机那样的手感,其中还包括三个消声器的镜头:广角镜头、微距镜头和远摄镜头。Upgrade your software. For greater control over the iPhone camera than the stock Camera app allows, Messrs. Kazantsev and Mess both use the Filmic Pro ($5, available for iOS). It allows you to focus on different objects in the frame; increase resolution for a higher quality picture; and achieve special effects, like slow motion and time-lapse video.升级你的软件。为了构建对iPhone摄像机功能的掌控突破现有摄制应用于所容许的范围,卡赞采夫和梅斯都用于了Filmic Pro应用程序(限于于iOS操作系统,售价5美元(约合人民币31元))。该应用于让你需要对取景框内的有所不同目标构建对焦、提升分辨率以提供高质量的画面,还能构建诸如慢动作和延时动态视频这样的特殊效果。

Upgrade your camera. For Mike Staniforth, a filmmaker who has shot award-winning films on an iPhone and traditional cameras, a DSLR camera is a must-have for anyone whos serious about movie making, because it delivers a better quality picture, especially in low light. The relatively affordable Canon EOS Rebel T5 EF-S paired with the Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 II lens ($550 and $126, shop.usa.canon.com ) make a good starter kit, he said. But be sure to upgrade the lens when youre ready to commit to the art form. Realize that camera bodies come and go each year, he said. The real investment is the glass on the front.升级你的摄像机器材。在迈克斯塔尼福斯(Mike Staniforth)(用iPhone和传统相机摄制过得奖影片的电影制作人)显然,单反数码相机对于任何坦率对待电影摄制的人来说都是不可或缺之中选,因为它可以拍电影出有更高质量的画面,特别是在是在较低光照的条件下。价格比较低廉的佳能(Canon)EOS Rebel T5 EF-S单反相机配上了佳能EF 50 mm f/1.8 II 镜头(在shop.usa.canon.com上的售价分别为550美元(约合人民币3365元和771元)),是很好的入门套装器材,他说道。

不过当你打算要投身这门艺术的时候,一定要升级你的镜头。“要告诉机身每年都在更新换代,”他说道,“确实该投资的是前面的那块玻璃。”Record better audio. According to several filmmakers, beginners are better off using prerecorded music for their films than trying to record live dialogue--mainly because the quality of built-in microphones on smartphones and camcorders arent up to the task. But if you want an affordable way to capture intelligible dialogue, Mr. Staniforth recommended the Zoom H1 ($100, zoom.co.jp ). This stand-alone digital recorder also functions as a stereo external mic for a video camera, and can be attached using an optional hot-shoe mount.录音更佳的声音。

据好几位电影制作人说道,初学者最差为他们的电影另一款预先录制好的音乐,而不是现场录音对话――主要是因为智能手机和便携式摄像机上内置的麦克风质量无法超过任务拒绝。但如果你想要去找一种经济实惠的方式录音明晰轮廓的对话,斯塔尼福斯引荐用于Zoom H1录音笔(在zoom.co.jp上的售价为100美元(约合人民币612元))。这款独立国家操作者的数字录音设备还可以用于摄像机的外接单声道麦克风,用一个配备的热插拔底座就可以与摄像机构建相连。

Stretch time. Time-lapse is another technique that can take amateur video to the next level. Filmmaker Jeffrey Karoff used it for his Oscar-nominated documentary short, CaveDigger, by leaving an old DSLR camera and a Canon TC-80N3 Timer Remote Controller ($210, shop.usa.canon.com ) with one of his subjects. Although this model is only compatible with Canon cameras, timer remote controls are available for other brands of camera.延长时间。延时摄制是另一种让业余级别视频以求提高水平的技术。电影制作人杰弗里卡洛夫(Jeffrey Karoff)在他获得奥斯卡最佳纪录短片奖提名的《凿穴人》(CaveDigger)中用于了这种技术,他用一台原有的数码单反相机和一台佳能TC-80N3遥控计时器(在shop.usa.canon.com上的售价是210美元(约合人民币1,285元))对他的一个摄制对象展开了长时间摄制。虽然这种型号的遥控计时器只相容佳能照相机,但其它照相机品牌的“遥控计时器”也是有售的。

Frame your shot...with an app. To get a sense of what a shot will look like using different lens configurations and settings, Kieran Crilly, director of photography for the Oscar-nominated short documentary The Lady In Number 6: Music Saved My Life, uses the Artemis Directors Viewfinder app ($30, available for Android and iOS). You tell it what camera and what lens you are on, and it shows you what the frame will look like, he said. Its handy when youre scouting.用应用软件查阅画面线条。为了搞清楚在有所不同的镜头配备及参数设置条件下摄制的画面不会是什么样子,奥斯卡最佳纪录短片得奖奖提名影片《6号屋的女人:音乐解救我的生命》(The Lady In Number 6: Music Saved My Life)的摄影指导基兰克里利(Kieran Crilly)用于了Artemis Directors Viewfinder应用程序(售价30美元(约合人民币184元),安卓(Android)和iOS系统的皆有售)。“你告诉程序你用于是哪种照相机和什么镜头,它不会给你表明画面线条不会是什么样子,这感叹十分便利”他说道。

Track the sun. According to Mr. Crilly, another popular app among DPs is Sun Seeker ($6 for Android, $7 for iOS), which will map out the suns trajectory using your smartphones camera, GPS and compass. If youre going to set up a shoot and youre not sure if the sun is going to come in, its a really useful tool, he said.跟踪太阳。据克里利说,在数据处理中大受欢迎的另一款应用程序是Sun Seeker(安卓版的售价6美元(约合人民币37元),iOS版的售价7美元(约合人民币43元)),它不会利用你智能手机上的摄像头、全球定位系统(GPS)和罗盘绘制出有太阳的轨迹。

他说道:“如果你想布置场景展开摄制而你又不确认阳光否不会太阳光进去,这款应用于知道是一个十分简单的工具。”Get a pro-grade camera that wont blow your budget. At least two of the films nominated for best short documentary at this Sundays Academy Awards--The Lady In Number 6 and CaveDigger--were shot on a camera that cost less than $3,500: the Canon 5D, the latest model of which is the Mark III ($3,400, shop.usa.canon.com ). Its price point is almost unheard of. To have that quality on a consumer level was really something brand new, said Mr. Karoff. That said, the lens is whats key. It doesnt matter how good a camera sensor is, you need good glass to get the best from it, said Mr. Staniforth. To shoot The Lady In Number 6, Mr. Crilly used a Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM lens ($2,299, shop.usa.canon.com ). That really is kind of the hero lens that most people tend to take out on docs, he said. But to soften the Canon 5Ds ultra-crisp image, Mr. Crilly also employed filters, in this case, the Tiffen 4x5.65 Soft/FX 1 Filter ($431, tiffen.com ) and Schneider 4x5.65 Classic Soft 1 Filter ($365, schneideroptics.com ).卖一台会超越你的支出的专业级照相机。取得上周日奥斯卡奖最佳纪录短片奖提名的影片中最少有两部――《6号屋的女人》和《凿穴人》――是用价格将近3,500美元(约合人民币21,450元)的照相机摄制的:佳能5D,其近期的型号是Mark III(在shop.usa.canon.com上的售价是3,400美元(约合人民币20,838元))。


“不管照相机传感器有多好,你必须好的镜头才能将它充分发挥到淋漓尽致,”斯塔尼福斯说道。在摄制《6号屋的女人》时,克里利用于了佳能的EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II 超声波马达(USM)镜头(在shop.usa.canon.com上的售价为2,299美元(约合人民币14,090元))。他说道:“这感叹大多数摄制纪录片的人会想用于的那种超级镜头。”但是为了柔化佳能5D超锐的图像,克里利还用于了滤镜,在摄制这部影片时用的是天芬(Tiffen) 4x5.65 柔光/FX 1滤镜(在tiffen.com上的售价为431美元(约合人民币2,641元))和施耐德(Schneider) 4x5.65经典柔光(Classic Soft)1滤镜(在schneideroptics.com上的售价为365美元(约合人民币2,237元))。

Invest in a quality mic. At this level, youre going to want to record usable audio and ambient sound, and a mic like the Sennheiser ME66 ($500 with power module, sennheiser.com ) will help you pull that off. Its what Mr. Barens, the director of Prison Terminal, used when shooting his Oscar-nominated film at the Iowa State Penitentiary. Its directional enough to be crisp, he said, but not too shot-gunny that its hyper crisp on one person only.投资出售高品质的麦克风。在这一阶段,你不会期望录音能用的音频及周围的声音,像森海塞尔(Sennheiser) ME66(在sennheiser.com上带上电源模块、售价500美元(约合人民币3,064元))的这种麦克风不会千秋你一臂之力。该麦克风正是《牢狱的落幕》的编剧贝伦斯在爱荷华州监狱(the Iowa State Penitentiary)摄制他这部奥斯卡奖提名影片时用于的那款。“它的定向性能不足以确保声音的明晰,”他说道,“但又不像猎枪的声音那样只有一个人的声音是超级明晰的。

”Tailor your lighting. The pros customize their light sources to the shoot. For the lowlight alleyway shots in the Oscar-nominated short documentary Facing Fear, director of photography Svetlana Cvetko, used the battery-powered Bescor LED-95DK2 Dual LED Light Kit ($200, bescor.com ). But she lighted her interviews with the more expensive Kino Flo Diva-Lite 400 Universal Fluorescent Light Fixture ($1,233, including lamps, kinoflo.com ).量身定做你的照明设备。专业人士都是自定义他们拍片用的光源设备。为摄制光照度较低的小巷场景,奥斯卡最佳纪录短片奖提名影片《付出代价不安》(Facing Fear)的摄影指导斯维特兰娜茨韦特科(Svetlana Cvetko)用于了用电池供电的Bescor LED-95DK2双LED灯组套件(在bescor.com上的售价为200美元(约合人民币1,226元))。

但她在拒绝接受专访时用于了更加便宜的Kino Flo Diva-Lite 400标准化荧光灯照明设备(Universal Fluorescent Light Fixture)(在kinoflo.com上含灯管的售价为1,233美元(约合人民币7,557元))。Make your rig portable. The downside of being able to fit your gear into a bag is having to carry it all yourself. Mr. Karoff recommended the LowePro Pro Runner x450 AW ($370, lowepro.com ) because it has wheels and, critically, backpack straps: That was important because we did a lot of hiking into the hills.让你的装备装载轻巧。

用一个纸盒下所有设备的缺点,就是所有的东西你得自己扛。卡洛夫引荐艺摄宝(LowePro)Pro Runner x450 AW摄影包(在lowepro.com上的售价为370美元(约合人民币2,268元)),因为它装有滚轮,关键的是,它有背包肩带:“这很最重要,因为我们到山中步行的次数很多。